KollectaBall - Strike

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KollectaBall - Strike

The Kollectaball Strike or K-Strike is the most versatile ball collector of spherical objects available anywhere and the only collector for heavier balls such as Cricket, Hockey, Lacrosse and Baseballs.

The K-Strike will pick up;

  • Cricket & Bowling machine Balls (24 balls)
  • Hockey Balls (24)
  •  Lacrosse Balls (24 balls)
  •  Baseball
  •  Tennis balls (40 balls)
  • Apple (30 Apples)
  •  Oranges
  •  Lemons
  • Ping Pong Balls
If it's round and similar in size to an apple or tennis ball, the K-Strike will pick it up!
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There's no need for batteries
and you don't have to worry about running into a robot whilst playing like with the Tennibot. Nor do you have to fork out hundreds of dollars as you would if you bought a Playmate Tennis ball collector or a BRAD tennis ball retriever. What's the use in an autonomous picker upper if there's no fun involved!? Kollectaball is strong, durable, affordable, easy to use and fun.

Patented Wire Technology

Our patented wire collecting system makes collecting balls a doddle.
Gently roll over the balls and they will collect in the cage, ready to be emptied. It's so easy that anyone can do it and it involves no strain at all.
Our ball collectors are the quickest out there and the best part is they mean collecting balls is no longer a chore.
We're always trying to make Sport more engaging for children to play, but when it comes to the most boring part of sport, nothing seems to change.
That's why at Kollectaball we want to reinvent the way balls are collected in sport and we think it can make a big difference to coaches in all kinds of sports.
Lightweight and Easy To Use
We've worked with coaches in all our sports to ensure that Kollectaball is not only fast, but it's practical as well.
That's why we've made sure the Kollectaball products are lightweight and easily transportable, making them the ideal tool for Cricket, Hockey, Baseball, Tennis and Golf coaches.
We wanted our collectors to be so easy to use that the youngest children can still have fun picking up balls with it, and we're happy to see many reviews with young children using them.
As a player, the times when you are picking up balls are the worst and least productive. So, as a coach, it is a great asset to be able to turn those times into some of the most exciting times for the children!
We've put our ball collectors through thousands of hours of testing so you can rest assured it won't break down on you.
The Kollectaball ball collectors will work on a wide variety of surfaces and are suitable for all tennis courts, as well as being gentle on golf greens.
Our wires are super strong and will last you a very long time, but if one were to break, then they are easily and cheaply replaceable. All our products come with spare wires, which ensure this is a product that is going to last.

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