Merino Wool can help avoid Ankle injuries

Merino Wool can help avoid Ankle injuries

Imagine yourself preparing for the upcoming cricket season or a tournament and you have never felt so good about yourself as a batsman/bowler, you are on top of the world as all your sowed efforts are reaped into great improvisations and you are all ready to show-off your extra-added speed to your bowling or your great batting technique that you have been meaning to develop for so long but………. yes, a but can make a lot of difference……….this but has come in the form of an injury or to be more specific, an ankle injury and this ankle injury is laughing onto your face and all the efforts you have put in to better yourself as a cricketer.

Very recently we saw Indian Cricket Team’s Prithvi Shaw, who is also dubbed as the next big thing by the legends themselves, was seen warming the bench in the recent India’s tour of Australia. No, not because of poor performance but of an ankle injury. In fact the talented opener was seen lifted and being carried off to the dressing room. His desire to stamp his name on the Australian soil was unfulfilled and was forced to enjoy the action from the dressing room only.

Prithvi Shaw’s injury was horrific and it can only be wished that nobody goes through the same. But a lot of ankle tears and injuries can be avoided with one simple remedy and that is good cricket shoes and cricket socks, yes, cricket socks. Cricket socks are not that too famous in India and why would it be, it was only available in England previously, but now no one has to be wishing for Cricket socks in India, their wishes are being fulfilled. Omtex as always, strives and looks for ways to make every sportspersons journey easier with great innovation and technology. This time too Omtex has made sure that no cricketer in India has to go through the pain of career threatening ankle injuries, by manufacturing and making the first ever  professional cricket Socks available in India.

Omtex cricket socks is made out of special Merino wool. The fibres of Merino wool are softer, finer and more sensitive than other fabrics. Its breathability helps your feet to breathe, which is very important for any cricketer’s feet in any condition. No matter how well you train your ankle, it is considered to be a fragile joint in a human body and what’s better than the best wool to take care of it. It keeps your ankle in place and maintains the right temperature that helps in avoiding injuries that may jeopardize your dreams of playing big.

So much importance is given and invested in protection. Batting pads to protect the legs, chest guard for chest, arm guard for arm, shoes for feet and so on but we forget to buy good cricket socks for the fragile ankles. So take your game up, become a better cricketer with the right products and buy the first-time ever available cricket socks in India on our website.

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