Push Ups- A Wonder Exercise

For many of us just the thought of push ups provokes a fear of all the possible pain we will have to endure, mentally and physically while performing just the basic push ups. We dreaded when the gym trainer asked us to do and rather chose to perform bench press instead. While the experience and memories may not be pleasant, the results very much are.

Feasibly push up is one of the most easiest and basic movement. And as the word of it just being an exercise is for chest solely has famously reached to almost all the masses, is nothing but untrue. Mere standard push up activates nearly all the muscles in a body and not just the upper body or chest solely. This is just the tip of the uncovered benefits of push ups. Let’s read more and get rid of the age old notion that push-ups are just for upper body.


1.Push your way to bigger arms.

As stated, push ups are just not for chest, it is a great exercise for building big arms. As we all know and if many don’t, then you need to that triceps is a bigger muscle than biceps and the appearance of a bigger arm is due to the bigger triceps. Push ups are great to pump those triceps and having those horse shoes on arms is tougher than the peaky bicep contraction.


2.Bye-Bye to Lower Back pain

Lower back pain and injuries literally make you immobile and stuck to bed-rest most often. Push up is another profound way of getting rid of back pains. When you perform push ups, your core gets befitted too. Push ups call for the entire torso to be also involved in the exercise as the very simple movement of a push up requires your torso along with your chest to be elevated from the ground and that engages your core to be fit too.


3.Improves Posture and cardiovascular

Since push ups involves and engages chest and back muscles greatly, and the same muscles help you to have a healthy, good looking posture. Not only that, push ups boost your cardiovascular system too. When large group of muscles are engaged simultaneously, your heart works harder to provide oxygen-rich blood to muscle tissue. Eventually, this results in a good cardiovascular exercise.


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